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When do Camping Packages go on sale?

Returning campers will have the option to their first right of refusal on their campsite from 01/05/2014 To 31/05/2014.

The remaining campsites will go on sale to the public from 15/06/14 to 30/06/14.

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Can I book a campsite over the phone?

No. Bookings can only be made online.

If you have any difficulties please contact V8 Supercar Events on (07) 5630 0364.

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How big are the campsites?

*Reid & Sulman Park: Approximately 8m X 8m
*McPhillamy Park: Approximately 8m X 8m
*Chase Campground: Approximately 8m X 8m
*Paddock Campground: Approximately 6m X 8m
*Max Cameron: Approximately 6m X 8m, at times 8m X 8m
*Motorhome Park: Approximately 10m X 10m

Please note – Campground sites are all approximate. They are individually marked out each year by professional line markers. In some instances campsites could be slightly smaller or larger and patrons are advised to work off having the smaller amount of area in each instance when making allowances prior to arrival at the event. In the Paddock Campground, campsites will be slightly smaller to last year. All other campgrounds will be marked similar to last year.

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Is there power available in the campgrounds?

There are no power provisions in any of the campgrounds. Generators are welcome however we ask that you consider other patrons with the use of generators at night.

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Is there power available in the Motor Home Park?

Yes. All sites in the Motor Home Campground will have access to power outlets however patrons will need to bring extension leads (At least 20m suggested).

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What facilities are in the campgrounds?

All campgrounds have access to toilet and shower facilities. There are no cooking facilities provided.

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What facilities are in the Motor Home Park?

The Motor Home Park will have toilet and shower facilities and all campsites have access to power however patrons will need to bring extension leads. There are no cooking facilities provided.

The Motor Home Park is not a standard Motor Home, there aren't individual taps for each campsite and there is no waste waters disposal facilities.

Disposal of any and all caravan or camper waste water is the responsibility of the vehicle owner and must be done so in a safe, hygienic and legal manner.


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Are these prices per night?

No, prices indicated are for the duration of time that each campground & the Motor Home Park is open.

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What happens if my site preference is not available?

If the site you want is unavailable you will have to choose an alternative site.

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Can I purchase multiple campsites?

Yes, multiple campsites may be purchased if the campsites are to be used for extended family or a group of friends. You are not permitted to purchase multiple campsites and on-sell potential campers. Anyone found to be on-selling campsites will lose their right of refusal to a campsite in 2015.

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How can I pay for my site?

All bookings are paid for online with a Credit Card. You have the option to pay a one-time payment, or "Time to Pay" which spreads your purchase over a number of monthly payments (a fee applies). Simply choose your payment options when purchasing.

Please note – only Visa and MasterCard credit cards can be used.



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Does the cost of camping include my entry into the event?

Yes. This year campsites have been bundled with General Admission Tickets. When you purchase a campsite, you will have the option to select Package 1 or Package 2. Package 1 includes campsite and 2 General Admission tickets. Package 2 includes campsite and 4 General Admission tickets for the price of 3. Each person camping must have a ticket to enter the event. You can purchase additional General Admission tickets online when you purchase your campsite tickets.

You can also purchase tickets at Ticketek, Call 132 849 or visit your nearest Ticketek outlet. Pre-purchase your tickets now and save!

If camping in the Paddock, you must purchase a Paddock Pass.


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Can I bring my own food?

Yes, only personal amounts of food may be taken into the Event venue. However, there will be a range of food and beverage outlets throughout the venue. Campers will be allowed to take in their own food into the designated campgrounds provided no food is within glass receptacles.

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Can I arrive at the Event and purchase a site?

No, all sites must be purchased through the Bathurst Camping website.

It is advised in order to secure a campsite in 2014 that you book at your earliest convenience.

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I can no longer attend, can I get a refund on my site?

No refunds of campsites will be accepted.

There are no refunds on GA event tickets purchased.

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Can I park my vehicle on my site?

Yes, however vehicles must be parked wholly within your site boundaries or they will be towed at your expense.

Note: Paddock campgrounds have a one car per site policy which will be enforced.

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Can I bring alcohol into the Campground?

Alcohol limits for the 2014 Supercheap Auto Bathurst 1000 campgrounds are as follows per person per day:
(a) 1 carton of full strength beer or full strength premixed drinks in cans only (24 can), or
(b) 1 carton of mid strength beer (30 cans), or
(c) 1 cask of wine, or
(d) 1 750ml bottle of spirits (Plastic only)

There is to be no glass what so ever to be brought into the campgrounds, this includes jars.

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Can I bring my BBQ into the Event venue?

Only campers with a designated campsite may bring BBQ’s into the Event venue and such BBQ’s must remain, and can only be used, within the patrons designated campsite. The Promoter takes no responsibilities for loss or damage. Gas bottles are allowed to be used strictly for the BBQ only, provided they are no bigger then 9kg and haven’t expired before or during the period of the Event.

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Can I have a fire in my campsite and if so where do I get firewood from?

Yes you can, provided the fire is contained and monitored at all times whilst it is alight.

Firewood can be obtained by the official firewood supplier who will be selling fire wood around the mountain the entire time the campgrounds are open.

No wood with nails will be permitted into any campgrounds. (no broken pallets)



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Where are the entrances for the Campgrounds?

Reid & Sulman Campground – Entrance on Barry Gurdon Drive

Max Cameron Campground – Entrance off Panorama Avenue

Chase Campground – Entrance off College Road

Motorhome Park – Entrance off Ray Bant Drive

Paddock Campground – Entrance off Mountain Straight when track is open to public, Entrance on Ray Bant Drive when track is closed to the public.

McPhillamy Park – Entrance on Barry Gurdon Drive

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What happens if it rains?

The Event will continue despite of rain, however, No Refunds will be offered if patrons decide to leave.

All campers are advised to prepare for the likelihood of rain whilst staying within any campground on Mount Panorama, as it is likely to rain at some stage during their stay.


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Can I bring in my dog?

Animals will not be permitted into the campgrounds or circuit, unless the animal is a working guide dog. If patrons do attempt to bring animals into the Event venue they will be asked take the animal away.

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Can I bring my unregistered vehicle into the Event venue?

No, no unregistered vehicles or trailers will be permitted into the Event Venue.

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Can I bring fireworks into the Event venue?

No fireworks or explosives of any kind may be brought into the Event venue.

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Can I bring additional furniture into the Event venue?

Temporary foldout chairs are permitted, however, no couches or lounge chairs are permitted into the Event venue.

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Can I reserve a viewing area by roping (or otherwise) off an area to stop others entering that area?

No. Use of rope, bunting, poles temporary fencing, tarpaulin, paint, or any other materials to create segregated or reserve viewing areas is strictly prohibited. Officials will clear all such materials at the conclusion of each day.

Any property left unattended by you at the conclusion of each day’s racing will be deemed abandoned and forfeited to V8 Supercar Events without any responsibility for them to account to you for such property.


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Is a shuttle bus service available?

There are several shuttle services available. 

For event specific shuttle information please refer to the “Getting There” section of the Event website www.V8supercarevents.com.au.

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In previous years returning campers had a chance to purchase more sites after the right of refusal period finished but before they went on sale to the general public, will this happen again?

No, the policy was originally put in place in order to encourage returning campers to fill the vacant space when the campgrounds didn't fill up. Now that camping is so popular and sites are in such high demand we feel that this policy was giving the returning campers an unfair advantage and limiting the opportunity for new campers to come along.

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What times do campgrounds open for 2014?

Coming Soon..


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Is there somewhere to check in excess alcohol?

No, there will be no check in for excess alcohol. Any alcohol exceeding daily limits will be disposed of.

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What are the camp site sizes of the NEW Enduro Campground?

The Enduro Campground sizes are approximately 6 x 8 m -8 x 8.

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Ticket Delivery: When will I recieve my tickets?

Postage of tickets has now commenced. Please be patient in waiting for your tickets to arrive. If you have not received them by Friday 26th September please get in touch with V8's at camping@v8supercars.com.au.


If tickets are purchased from 29th September they will NOT be posted. They will be available for collection from Durham Street in Bathurst

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